After three years and $160 million, the new, five-floor Denver Justice Center is finally opening this morning at 14th and Delaware streets, near the U.S. Mint building downtown, and the first batch of inmates is expected on April 24. There are areas for drunks, an infirmary, and an array of single- and double-bunk cells, notes 9News. “It will be safe, more efficient” than current detention facilities, says Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff’s Department: “You’ll notice a more secure area up on the top as you can tell by the caging.” Denver Post columnist Susan Greene was among more than 100 people to pay for the experience of being locked away in the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Facility recently. She and several other women were made to put on yellow-and-white striped uniforms before the single-file march to pod 3A201.