Chef Steve Redzikowski co-owns his three local restaurants—Boulder’s Oak at Fourteenth and Denver’s Acorn and Brider—but his heart remains tethered to his home state of New York. Which is why Redzikowski has planned a very special New York City-inspired menu at Oak this week.

From Tuesday, July 24 through Thursday, July 26, diners at Oak can choose from dishes that sing a love song to the Empire State, from a Hudson Valley Foie Gras PB & J (which melds tart Palisade cherry jam with creamy New York duck liver pâté) to a 70-day-aged rib-eye from Brooklyn’s Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. Wine specials from Forge Cellars in the Finger Lakes, beer from Gun Hill Brewing Co. in the Bronx, and a classic Knickerbocker martini deliver sip-able sass.

“I love everything about New York City,” Redzikowski says. “And I really miss the pace and that energy. Anytime I go to New York, I always come back and feel like I need to push harder, work faster, and be more inventive.”

No New York menu of Redzikowski’s would be complete without edible mementos from his own cherished family table. “Every Sunday, if you weren’t at my grandmother’s by noon, you would get the belt,” he says. “When we were younger, we would always have a big cheesecake and a box of cannoli every Sunday. Those two items just scream New York.” As such, Redzikowski wraps up this week’s menu at Oak with an ode to his grandmother: individual cheesecakes smothered in Colorado cherry preserves and house-made cannoli stuffed with mascarpone and pistachios.

Redzikowski has collaborated with Colorado farmers to offset the star New York ingredients with fresh local produce. For instance, baby artichokes from Boulder’s Red Wagon Farm will appear alongside Casa Della Mozzarella from the Bronx and Centennial State potatoes will be turned into crunchy tater tots to go with the Pat LaFrieda burger.

Redzikowski hopes that these meals help diners discover a greater appreciation for the myriad products and dishes that shape the culinary patchwork of the United States. “I just want [people] to see that ingredients and artisans can coexist. You can combine [New York and Colorado] together and make some really great combinations.”

If you go: The á la carte New York menu is available from July 24 to 26, from 5:30-10 p.m. 1400 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-444-3622