If you are lucky enough to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day (which is this Thursday, in case you’ve been living under a rock), you really shouldn’t complain. Still…the thick glass vases delivered by most flower shops are uninspiring at best—and can take your beau’s well-intentioned arrangement from charming to tacky faster than Cupid’s arrow hit you in the first place.

Enter: the Mr. and Mrs. Muse Vase ($98) from Jonathan Adler in Cherry Creek. This matte porcelain vessel (pert lips on one side, a well-groomed mustache on the other) adds a bit of subtle, cheeky fun to an often tawdry holiday. The unglazed finish is the perfect showcase for a bouquet’s natural color and beauty, while the sassy detailing dials down the sappy factor. Plus, who could look at this vase all day without thinking about kissing their valentine at the end? Jonathan Adler, 158 Fillmore St., Suite 100, 303-377-1742

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