When it comes to picking a bar of soap for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or a guest bathroom, too many brands make you choose between decoration and function. Luckily, Naked Goat Farm is bringing it all together with cleansers that are visually appealing, fragrant, and made locally in Elbert, Colorado, using goat’s milk and no synthetic chemicals. Bonus: The soap’s name alone is a conversation starter for when your visitors inevitably admire it.

This past Sunday, we sniffed an array of gorgeous bars at the Colorado Fresh Markets at City Park. Among our favorites? The marbled Peppermint & Chocolate, the Lemon & Lime with dried fruit slices, and the incredibly aromatic (and exfoliating!) Rosemary Double Mint “loofah soap.” And at just $6 each, you can afford to pick up a luxurious shower bar—perhaps the Lavender & Ylang Ylang—just for you.

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