Bob Kearns is president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The enormous power he wields seems to have gone to his head.

Lisa Jensen put a Christmas wreath on her condo door. The wreath features a peace sign, although Kearns claims that some residents believe it to be a symbol of Satan. Whether those residents are of sound mental health is unclear, but the three or four resident complaints prompted Kearns to warn Jensen that the association “will not allow signs, flags etc. that can be considered divisive.” He plans to assess a daily fine of $25 if she continues to display the wreath. Peace, it seems, is a divisive issue in Pagosa Springs.

The association prohibits residents from posting “signs, billboards or advertising” without approval of the architecural control committee. When the five committee members concluded that the rule didn’t apply to Jensen’s wreath, Kearns fired all five of them.

Merry Christmas.