They say that pregnant women “glow.” What they don’t say is that the reason behind the glow is the frenetic, anxiety-ridden nesting instinct that kicks in during our final trimester. I’ve been obsessively nesting lately. To combat my ever-present insomnia — and the on-and-off cabin fever brought on by the recent snowfalls — I’ve been cleaning, arranging, decorating, and of course, buying up every cool-looking little baby garment and gadget that crosses my path. (Yes, I think kiddo really needs that hipster onsie with the sassy comment for $42. Gotta have it.) You don’t even have to leave your house for this shopping extravaganza, and store hours? Who cares? My wi-fi works just fine at 3 a.m. and nearly every baby store in the universe is now open 24-7 online. It’s perfect for us sleepless, worried moms-to-be who have little else to do with our disposable income since our waddling bodies don’t blend well with ice, deep snow, dance clubs, cocktail parties, or the non-reclining chairs in most fine dining establishments. The marketing genious who first came up with baby registries would be thrilled to know that I now have a five-page list of stuff that I simply have to have for my little babykins. I signed up for basics from Babies R Us and Target, surfed the Real Baby store in Highlands for super-cute clothes, blankies, toys, and decor from independent designers, and then found, where you can find all the same groovy indie designer goodies — and register for them online! Dangerous territory, this. The Rosenberry site has over 400 designer diaper bags, including the Denver-based JP Lizzy line, which I love. Imagine the possibilities. Crib bedding. Children’s artwork. Handmade toys. Brilliant. Then again, I’m feeling a little antsy and looking seriously pasty lately. Perhaps I’d better get out for a bit. I do know that Red Carpet Baby on South Pearl is a great store, even though their web site is totally useless, shopping-wise. The sun is shining, and momma here needs a dose of vitamin D… and some retail therapy that provides the one thing that online shopping lacks. Instant gratification.