New parents spend nearly as much time in the nursery as their little ones—so shouldn’t they have a say in the room’s decor? “Babies haven’t formed attachments to styles or objects yet,” says interior designer Brittany Hanlon, owner of Denver’s Hudson Baby Design, a firm dedicated to creating swoon-worthy rooms for your tiniest family members. “Until they’re toddlers, they don’t really have opinions, so this can be a chance to push the limits of your taste while creating a stimulating space for you and your baby.” Translation: Skip the ducky decals and pastel prints in favor of a look you love.

The mother of three also serves as a first-time mom’s best friend, brimming with wisdom about the true baby necessities and where to put them. (No fumbling around in the night for diapers or pajamas!) Hanlon’s style balances form and function to create rooms that even the most sleep-deprived parents can enjoy.

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