Bob Beauprez discussed his failed gubernatorial campaign with The Denver Post in a story that appeared today, and some of his comments epitomize why Democrat Bill Ritter is going to be Colorado’s next governor instead of the Republican congressman:

“I heard one of the Denver sportscasters say the best reason you can come up with for going with Jay Cutler is that he hasn’t had an opportunity to offend anybody yet,” he said. “I feel like Jake Plummer.”

Beauprez demonstrated an incredible ability to say dumb things during the course of his campaign, such as when he said in a radio interview that 70 percent of African-Americans were having abortions, and nearly two months after the election he’s still sounding silly.

Jake Plummer was benched as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos because he was playing so poorly that he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the entire NFL this season. Plummer was booed by fans when he played at home. Yet for some reason, Beauprez thought this would make a flattering analogy.

Completely on his own, Beauprez compared himself to a man who was so bad at his job — quarterbacking the Broncos — that he was basically fired for incompetance. Was Beauprez trying to elicit sympathy? Empathy?

In a way, it worked. I feel bad for the guy, because he still can’t figure out how to keep his foot out of his mouth.