If you check out IWantMyRocky, you’ll see that newspaper writers just can’t kick the habit–even when they no longer have a job. The website, established by Rocky Mountain News writers in an effort to drum up support for the financially strapped newspaper before it was shut down by E.W. Scripps last week, just keeps humming along.

This morning, for instance, IWantMyRocky has a review of Indochine, a “B+” restaurant in Parker. Even political cartoonist Drew Litton keeps up his work. The site, according to 7News, is supported by Google Ads, although it’s not clear how the writers divvy up the money or whether it is enough to live on.

The website also has links to “More Media News,” such as The New York Times and Westword. But there’s no link to the now-monolithic Denver Post, which after the Rocky’s demise declared itself the Muhammad Ali of the local newspaper biz.

For readers passionate about boxing analogies, The Rocky, according to the Post, was Joe Frazier (via Westword ). Yet “just because the paper has christened itself the Greatest doesn’t mean Rocky subscribers will keep buying it.”

Indeed, the Post will have to inspire readers. As it is now, the Post “is often dull, unimaginative and risk-averse, particularly in comparison to its late, lamented adversary,” writes Westword. Ouch!