Chocolate is to Easter what cookies are to Christmas, and with the spring holiday only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start considering what will fill the the Easter basket. While you might be thinking Cadbury or mini, foil-wrapped eggs, I recommend a less commercial treat.

Drop into the tiny Wen Chocolates near Commons Park, where chocolatier William Poole is using 1920s German Easter molds on his signature vintage-postcard chocolate bars. Impressions of long-eared, Old World rabbits stamped on the sweet dark squares recall the elegance of Easters past.

Or if you prefer a more modern take on the holiday, pick up a few of Poole’s white chocolate deviled eggs. The half-moon chocolate base is topped with a yellow-tinted, white-chocolate-and-Rice-Krispie “yolk” and dotted with red sprinkles, giving it retro appeal.

1541 Platte St., 303-477-5765