Album: Spilling Over Every Side

Artist: Pretty Lights

Label: Pretty Lights Music

Hometown: Fort Collins

Why we like it: As if Derek Vincent Smith doesn’t have enough of a creative outlet with nonstop international touring, the workaholic electronica artist dropped this six-track EP last week in typical PL fashion, as a free download on his website—just in time for fans to become familiar with the tunes before the sold-out Red Rocks show this Saturday.

The biggest departure Vincent Smith takes with Spilling Over Every Side comes in the pacing. While previous PL albums feature a balance of down-tempo offerings with faster tracks, Spilling Over brings the combination together within the songs themselves. Even those that start off slowly rise to at least mid-tempo uncharacteristically quickly—and to welcome effect.

Maintaining a soulful, jazz-inspired foundation, these songs layer heavier-than-usual synthesized bass lines over break beats to build the rhythms. It’s easy to see how these songs will carry PL’s live set transitions, the ever-expanding light show, and continued collaborations with hip-hop artists, like Zion I and Emancipator, who open the Red Rocks show.

Where to find it: Free at Donation suggested.

Bonus: If you find yourself wanting to slow down again, check out Michal Menert’s Dreaming of a Bigger Life, released in May on the Pretty Lights label. Menert will perform at the Boulder Theater this Saturday for the official Pretty Lights after show.