As the economy has struggled in recession, home values have fallen–to the dismay of homeowners trying to sell. Now comes a smattering of good news: Prices of existing homes in the Denver area were up one tenth of one percent in March compared to a month earlier. Denver was just one of two U.S. cities out of 20 in Standard & Poor’s report of home values to see prices rise in March, reports the Denver Business Journal. Overall, however, prices in Denver were down 5.5 percent in March compared to one year earlier. Still, that was the smallest decrease in home values among the cities in the report. In the past year, only Dallas, Boston, Cleveland, and Charlotte, North Carolina, are able to join Denver in claiming price declines of less than 10 percent. Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, by contrast, were all down dramatically–more than 30 percent, compared with a year ago. As Denver goes, so seems the Front Range: Fort Collins was true to the trend in Denver, too, notes the Coloradoan. And to find out if your home is worth more than you think, check out the latest issue of 5280.