I think I’ve discovered how I’m going to survive the holidays this year. As a prolific appreciator of wine, the adjustment to impending motherhood has had quite an effect on my dining and nightlife habits. Gone are the days of sharing a nice bottle of cabernet over a steak dinner, or sampling wine flights at the latest trendy bistro. And the days of tossing back martinis or tequila shots to celebrate a friend’s birthday, promotion, or overall good mood? Totally forgotten.

Of course it’s all very much worth it, and I certainly don’t miss the occassional hangover mornings of the past. Still, I do miss my wine. And thought the doc says it’s okay to have an occassional glass of wine during pregnancy, that isn’t going to help much when the slew of holiday parties, fundraisers, dinners, and special events keep my schedule packed from now through New Year’s eve. You see, sparkling water just doesn’t satisfy the tastebuds quite the same way as the right glass of vino. But I think I’ve found the next best thing: Didier Goubet’s organic grape juice, made from the same grapes as a nice French Bordeaux. Both the merlot and cabernet juices are alcohol-free, but the flavor is far beyond the realm of Welch’s. This divine and delicate juice is a great alternative for moms-to-be like myself, or anyone who wants a special beverage without the buzz. It’s available at the O & Co. store inside the Cherry Creek mall. I think I’ll have to stock up and just buy it by the case.