The Greeley Tribune is calling the murder trial of Allen Andrade “one of the oddest cases” in Weld County’s history. Andrade, 31, is expected to go on trial next month for killing 18-year-old Angie Zapata after discovering Zapata, born as a man, was living as a woman. The case has created all sorts of confusion, as defense attorneys refer to the victim as “he” and prosecutors call Zapata “she.” Part of a confession given by Andrade–his fear that he would be killed if members of his gang found out–was thrown out by Judge Marcelo Kopcow yesterday, writes The Denver Post. Andrade, who is facing murder and hate-crime charges, allegedly told his girlfriend that he beat Zapata with a fire extinguisher after realizing she was a man. 365 Gay notes Kopcow concluded that Andrade’s rights were violated because he made the statement after telling investigators he was done answering questions, but they persisted anyway.