The Rocky Mountain News has an editorial today on why the Democratic National Convention should be held in Denver. Shorter version: Politics matter, and Democrats now rule in the state.

Please tell the Rocky not to do us any more favors. With a line like this, I wonder if they are not trying to cost, rather than win, the convention for our city.

In 2008, Democrats hope to showcase a party that has expanded, philosophically and culturally, beyond the aging urban centers of the Northeast and Midwest, and the left-liberal enclaves of the West Coast.

There is no west coast city in the running for the Convention. The choices are down to New York and Denver. What does age have to do with where a convention should be held? Bashing those from other geographic regions is hardly a way to win friends and influence the people who will make the final determination. No doubt, many of them are from the East, Mid-West and South.