There’s good news for the people of Louisville and environs, and it’s called Moxie Bread Company. Only open since early summer, Moxie is serving some of the best bread in Colorado from flour that’s milled in-house. Denverites should consider a weekend pilgrimage, and for Boulderites a regular Moxie run should be a no-brainer. This is destination bread, bread to build a meal around, with great crumb, excellent flavor, irreproachable crust.

Moxie’s loaves fill my heart with joy. I’d put them against all the better bakeries that I visited this summer in France. Ditto the pastries. And there’s even more happy news: The tiny bakery is adjoined by a spacious, funky cafe space where you can relax for pastry and coffee in the a.m., or pizza and sandwiches at lunch.

I’ve ordered a deliriously flaky King Egg pastry, basically a blossom of croissant pastry enfolding a warm egg mixture that reminded me of a Denver omelet. Also, a beautiful Bretagne muffin—brioche-style dough loaded with Palisade peaches—that I washed down with a decent cortado from the espresso machine. Heaven, and I sought dispensation for all those calories.

Go, immediately. Try the long, crunchy Algerian loaf, made with 50 percent spelt and proofed to a gentle tang. Or the manhole-sized farmhouse loaf, made with spelt and rye. Baker Andy Clark (ex of Whole Foods and Udi’s) is committed to working with whole grains, not just for the health factor (though that’s nice) but for the challenge and the complex, chewy result.

Bread is the staff of life, and life just got better in this corner of Colorado.

641 Main St., Louisville, 720-350-4710