Steve Doman’s ode to Star Trek might not be as fancy as British scientists’ “Star Trek-style force-field” armor for the military, but it’s definitely worth a gander.

Using an array of junk—water bottles, curling irons, sewage pipes, old cassette players, Christmas lights, and other stuff—Doman is creating three massive Star Trek-style command centers along three walls of his Guffey home.

Doman, a 63-year-old artist who came to Colorado via California in the late 1990s to build fences and barns, tells the Colorado Springs Gazette that boredom is one motivation for his thousands of hours of hobbying. He works about eight months a year, and then the snow starts falling. That’s why he needed a hobby.

“I would walk to the post office down there for my mail, and that’s all. After a while, that pioneer spirit kind of weighed a little thin,” he says.

For a look at the consoles, check out the Gazette‘s slideshow, which highlights Doman’s skills.