Brad Roulier is one of the reasons that Denver’s on the international dance music map, and he’s only getting bigger and better within the scene. Not only does he book the best DJ talent in the world for The Church and Vinyl nightclubs, but he’s got a helluva side gig going as well.

His company,, just hit one million downloads — a major milestone for the niche music site which specializes in providing cutting edge and limited edition downloads for DJs and the dance music industry. He and his business partners, including local music industry types and international DJs, offered a sweet prize package for the customer who bought the millionth song.

Rodrigo Lozano from Tacna, Peru logged onto Beatport Thursday October 27th and downloaded Angel Moraes Welcome to the Factory on Hot N Spycy Records, and received more than he bargained for. He became the recipient of the millionth download on dance centric Beatport and garnered a prize package that included free tracks for a year, Stantons Final Scratch 2, Pioneer hDJ-1000 headphone and a free version of Traktor 3.0 DJ Studio.

It took Beatport well over a year to reach the one million mark, but now Roulier and his group are gearing up for their next goal; he’s hoping the fast-growing site will reach 2 million by second quarter of 2006. Rock on, guys.