The Denver Three are half-way there. They say they have identified one of the men responsible for their ejection from President Bush’s social security speech.

Three people who were escorted out of President Bush’s town hall on Social Security said the head of the Colorado Federation of Young Republicans was present when they were stopped at the gate.

Jay Bob Klinkerman, leader of the state group for Republicans ages 18 to 40, acknowledged he was at the gate of the Wings over the Rockies Museum where the free town hall was held March 21 but said he did not witness the removal of the three. …Bauer and Weise identify Klinkerman as the man who told them, “Secret Service is coming down to talk to your group,” just before another man wearing a dark suit, earpiece and lapel pin threatened them with arrest.

While Klinkerman denies he mentioned the Secret Service when speaking with the three, he acknowledges meeting the still unidentified Republican staffer on the day of the event.

The Secret Service has said the unidentified man was a Republican Party staffer now being investigated on possible criminal charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent. The White House, meanwhile, has said the man was a volunteer concerned that the three might disrupt the town hall meeting. The Secret Service and White House have not released the man’s name.

It sounds like it’s only a matter of time until the staffer’s name is released. I’m surprised a video of the event hasn’t surfaced by now. Surely, someone in the country could identify him once the Denver Three point him out.

The Rocky Mountain News has details of a conversation between Klinkerman and Susan Bauer, one of the Denver Three, that took place Tuesday night.