I can’t believe it’s been a year already. RockBar opened last August on East Colfax, and became an instantly classic dive bar. It had the retro decor (left over from its previous life as a 1970’s hotel restaurant and lounge), it had the greasy food, it had cheap beers and even chilled Mad Dog 20/20 available in all its scarily neon glory. And it even had a dance floor. Add in a swarm of local DJs with crates of records, CDs, and mp3 players, and you had yourself a right proper hipster dive bar, right off the bat.

So to celebrate a year of proper dive style, head down this weekend — and all of next week — to join several of the past year’s DJ guests as they line up behind the decks. Friday night, it’s DJs Wesley Wayne, Thomas, Wigdan Giddy, and Dragondeer and St. Higgins. Saturday night, DJs Dealer, Paris, Scooter, and Rockstar Aaron take over; snag a free Mad Dog shot (if you’re brave) between 9 and 11 p.m. both nights, and they’ll offer up $2 PBR’s all week long. On the 30th, they’ll wrap up the week-long anniversary party with Rockstar Aaron and the guys from Lipgloss (Michael Trundle and Tyler Jacobson).

Just remember to wear your favorite rock tee and best jeans; this anniversary bash is more party-hardy than dress-to-impress.