Yesterday, Rachel Greenberg, author of “Find a Husband After 35,” lent her editorial eye to the draft of an online dating profile. Today, Greenberg incorporates her edits into a fun and peppy rewrite. Get out a pen and paper, and follow her lead for your own profile.

Screen name: CuteScot99 Headline: Feminine, Fun, and Adventurous If you met me at a party, the first thing you’d probably notice about me is my Scottish accent. Of course to me, that’s just the way I speak… but my Denver friends seem quite taken with the whole accent thing. The truth is, you’re unlikely to actually meet me at a party because I’m really more the outdoorsy type than the cocktail party-type. I’m drawn to the simple things in life: hiking, running, and summer nights. Despite my very dry sense of humor (again, the Scottish thing!), I’d describe myself as light-hearted, feminine, and thoughtful. I always remember the little details about people–from the mundane (their birthdays), to the obscure (their favorite salad dressing). I’m a realtor by day, but I also have a creative side. For example, I love to create scarves. This probably sounds like an unusual hobby, but it’s all about designing something with flair and romance. A few years ago, I took some classes at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology in NY) and learned to make museum-quality masterpieces (read: no one ever bought them!), such as vintage velvet scarves from the 1920’s. On weekends I’m often at my mountain house, walking my dogs, enjoying snarky political columns in the New York Times, and listening to my favorite Faith Hill Christmas CD (year-round). My passions are very eclectic: I like watching Avs games on T.V. as much as I like visiting The Denver Art Museum (I’d love to check out the new Ernest Blumenschein exhibit). When it comes to finding the right partner, I’m looking for one trait above all else: kindness. I truly value a kind man.