Aspen has always had, to my mind, the most enlightened law enforcement policy in Colorado, largely due to the leadership of Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis. The policy continues this weekend when the X-Games come to town and there will be an expanded law enforcement presence. Where else would you see these quotes?

“We’re not looking to arrest people,” Ryan said. “But you can’t bring alcohol to the event. You can’t show up drunk to the event. Save that for the bars in Aspen afterward.”

While they will arrest underage drinkers, they say

“Our biggest concern is bar closing time,” said Sgt. Rob Fabrocini, incident commander for the APD this weekend. “People are going to go out and party – and that’s fine, Aspen is a party town.

Their main concern:

…We want them to do it responsibly and in a controlled environment, and we want people to make sure they have a way to get home safely.”

This is a great example of law enforcement being smart about crime, not just tough on crime. And for the few that don’t get the message and misbehave, don’t worry. The Pitkin County Jail is about as nice as they come. Even the food is good.