U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was signing a lease for the first wind farm in U.S. waters Wednesday, when he was chided over the airwaves for his votes in favor of “the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions ever.” The charges were made in a one-minute radio spot by anti-abortion group Americans United for Life. The problem is that the ad, which names Ken five times, targets the wrong Salazar. The group meant to call out Ken’s brother John Salazar, the Democrat who represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, notes The Wall Street Journal.

Matthew Faraci, a spokesman for AUL, explains the “radio production firm that we hired made an error. As soon as this was discovered, we immediately pulled the ad and are replacing it with a corrected version.”

The spot is part of a national blitz against a dozen Democrats, Roll Call reports. But John Salazar’s spokeswoman, Tara Trujillo, is peeved: “That’s how inaccurate this ad is. They can’t even get John’s name right.”