First there were nanobreweries, then came nano coffee roasters. Now, nano libraries. Initiated in Wisconsin in 2009, the Little Free Library movement boasts a network of small, primarily outdoor nooks that house a constantly changing selection of works—typically a couple dozen—for community use, no library card required (hello, honor system). Pick up or drop off a book at any of the 5,000 locations spread across 36 countries. More than 30 of these creative neighborhood alcoves have taken root across Colorado since first appearing in 2011. Find your next summer read at one of these clever Denver options.

1. The Schroeder family repurposed scraps from their barn to craft an itty-bitty book depot (above). 1390 Eudora St.

2. Carson Elementary School transformed a decommissioned U.S. Postal Service
box into a robot with a belly full of children’s books.
5420 E. First Ave.

3. An old kitchen cabinet finds new life housing collections of stories.
605 S. Logan St.