When pastry chef Natalia Spampinato replaced Kris Padalino at Bittersweet, she had a big role to fill. During her tenure at the Washington Park restaurant, Padalino became known for her playful, slightly savory desserts. But Spampinato, who hails from Frasca Food and Wine and Il Posto, has seamlessly put into place a program that touts sophistication with whimsy. The best example on the current menu is the almond parfait. The dessert combines fresh berries, crunchy bits of almond toffee, and a parfait—Spampinato uses the French term for semifreddo—of frozen buttermilk mousse layered between a macaroon crust like an ice cream sandwich. The textures of this dish—the soft, almost gooey macaroon juxtaposed with mostly frozen mousse—and the tang of the buttermilk will have you locking forks for the last bite. In a market where desserts feel increasingly uninspired, Spampinato’s parfait is a must-order.

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Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
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