I’m always on the hunt for ramen with house-made noodles. In the past, my search has taken me to Oshima Ramen and to Niwot Market (for “Sunday-only” bowls). Most recently, however, my quest landed me at Jax Fish House in Boulder, where the new spring menu features a ramen bowl (pictured).

It took the kitchen a month to perfect the wheaty noodles but the effort was worth it: The tender, perfectly cut ribbons grace the center of the bowl while rich, yet clear caramel-colored tare broth bathes every heavenly bite. The ample serving is deepened further with a fillet of sautéed monkfish, salty medallions of house-cured Tender Belly pork belly, and a soft onsen (or “hot spring,” slow-cooked) egg perched on top. Thinly sliced scallions, salted cucumber, and a wide strip of nori provide the necessary brightness in flavor and contrasts in texture. In short, Jax ramen isn’t just a good stand-in, it’s worth a trip all its own. 928 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-444-1811