With snow on the ground and a wind-whipped face, I always reach for something warm, comfortable, and full of flavor. This weekend that meant Kiki’s Japanese Casual Dining’s tempura udon noodle bowl.

Ordered hot, the dish features a light broth that is not overpowered by salt—a flaw that haunts so many other noodle bowls. This unassuming base allows the thick wheat noodles to shine. Thinly sliced carrots, onions, and cabbage add tender crispness.

On the side and accompanied by a slightly-sweet soy sauce, the tempura is a separate meal in itself. Juicy pieces of shrimp combine with an array of fresh vegetables (asparagus, edamame, carrot, acorn squash) to offer a heap of fried goodness. Hurry though—this tempura is to be eaten quickly before the batter loses that all-important, satisfying crunch.

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