Colorado politics has a certain nasty streak, and it’s not just on the campaign trail. But at least there’s room for humility in the case of state House Majority Leader Paul Weissmann.

As the Rocky Mountain News reports, Weissmann apologized to senators on Wednesday for an “inappropriate outburst” after he learned his proposal to create a four-day weekend for lawmakers at the end of the month had been killed. Weissmann threatened to shoot down his opponents’ legislation in response.

The Louisville Democrat explained that his anger was partly fueled by his medication, cortisone–a shot he received for back pain on the morning of the outburst. Graciously, Republicans accepted the apology.

Elsewhere in the realm of nasty political words–this time without an apology (never, ever, I’ll wager)–a district attorney in northern Colorado has decided not to file charges against U.S. Representative Betsy Markey and her opponent, former Representative Marilyn Musgrave, for their contentious statements during the recent election, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan.