Ken Buck, the Weld County district attorney and Republican running for U.S. Senate, was supposed to be the focus of today’s headlines. Instead, former Congressman Tom Tancredo gets top billing.

Tancredo commanded the stage during a Buck campaign rally yesterday, using the platform to make comments on national security threats: “The greatest threat to our way of life, everything we believe in, the greatest threat to the country that was put together by the founding fathers, is the guy that’s in the White House today” (via The Hill).

The left-leaning DailyKos has the most painful headline (and a video, below): “Does Tancredo speak for Ken Buck?” Buck’s statements came after the rally, when reporters asked him what he thought of Tancredo’s remarks. Buck distanced himself: “I think he’s created a new word in the dictionary; it’s called a Tancredo-ism. I don’t agree. I think there are a lot of threats to this country, and I don’t think the man in the White House is the greatest threat to this country at all” (via The Denver Post).