The Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Colorado’s Thirteeners

By Angela Ufheil, Geoff Van Dyke, Ryan Wichelns, Sarah Banks | September 2021

Centennial State fourteeners get all the glory, but Colorado’s 13,000-foot mountains are just as beautiful—and far less crowded.

Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know To Go Winter Camping in Colorado

By Lindsey B. King | November 2021

A man near his tent as the sunsets on Loveland Pass
Photo by Eric Schuette

We asked local backcountry veterans for tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you gear up, stay warm, sleep (relatively) well, eat right, be safe, and have a great time in Colorado’s winter wonderland.

Unlocking the Secrets of Mesa Verde National Park

By Lindsey B. King | September 2021

Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park. Photo by Seth K. Hughes

Everything you need to know to visit this cultural marvel—and to do so with a reverence for the people who once made it their home.

8 Accessible Hikes Near Denver

By Megan Michelson | June 2021 

Photo courtesy of Getty images

Whether you’re a wheelchair user or hiking with a stroller, these Colorado trails welcome everyone.

A Guide to Hunting for Edible Mushrooms in Colorado

By Megan Michelson | June 2021

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Summer is the season for seeking chanterelles and porcinis in the high grounds of the Rockies. Here’s how—and where—to find shrooms you can eat.

The Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running in Colorado

By Sarah Banks and Spencer Campbell | August 2021

Boulder’s Mesa Trail. Photo by Sarah Banks

From training tips to must-have gear to the best routes near Denver, here’s everything you need to know to learn how to trail run in the Centennial State.

Black Hawk Announces Hard Money, the Front Range’s Newest Mountain Bike Trail

By Nicholas Hunt | May 2021

Mike Rutter, the trails program director for Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, at an overlook on the new Hard Money mountain bike trail. Photo by Nicholas Hunt

The Hard Money trail is only the second purpose-built, downhill mountain bike trail in the entire region. And it rips.

Why Ski Patrollers at Keystone and Breckenridge Considered Unionizing

By Elizabeth Miller | May 2021

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This past spring, patrollers at each ski resort voted on whether to negotiate for better conditions via collective bargaining. Despite reaching different outcomes, both groups remain concerned about compensation and retention.

To Geotag or Not to Geotag, That Is the Question

By Nicholas Hunt | October 2021

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Anti-geotagging champions believe their campaign protects fragile ecosystems; however, critics say they’re playing a game of keep-away with our public lands. Who’s right?

Boulder’s Pearl Street Has Become the Rodeo Drive of Outdoor Apparel

By Courtney Holden | June 2021

Pearl Street Mall. Photo courtesy of Paul Sableman / Flickr via Creative Commons

With the additions of Backcountry, Black Diamond, and Stio this summer, the iconic avenue is officially an outdoor apparel mecca.