Outside Magazine has confirmed what longtime Coloradans have known and celebrated for years: If you want a work-life balance, come to the Centennial State.

The venerable outdoor lifestyle publication has released its annual list of the 100 Best Places to Work, and Colorado is home to a stunning 36 of them, including five of the top 11 and 11 of the top 30. (Outside’s list leads off with the Aspen-based design and architecture firm Forum Phi and Denver PR agency GroundFloor Media.)

Given the magazine’s editorial mission, the honorees tilt heavily toward companies that encourage their employees to enjoy—if not attack—any type of adventurous outdoor activity. The entries also frequently cite organizations that demonstrate a love of beer via regular happy hours, in-house brew clubs, and pretty much any perk that includes a hoppy beverage, so it’s little wonder that Colorado scored so high.

Of course, one byproduct of this list is that over the past few days, these 36 companies’ human resources departments have probably been inundated with resumes that aim to bring even more newcomers to our landscape. The word about Colorado is out, and Outside‘s article merely amplifies it.