As predicted, Gov. Bill Owens has vetoed six bills passed by the Colorado legislature. He made his “personal best” veto record ever — 17 vetoes in one year.

Here’s a list of Owens’ vetoed bills:

  • HB 1020: To expand eligibility for unemployment compensation.
  • HB 1115: To allow employees access to their personnel files.
  • HB 1207: To allow utilities to bill ratepayers for lines moved because of RTD’s FasTracks project.
  • HB 1224: To require members of the Public Utility Commission to appear twice yearly before the legislature.
  • HB 1239: To allow locked-out employees to collect unemployment compensation.
  • SB 134: To ban live expert testimony in workers’ compensation cases.
  • SB 78: To allow additional 911 surcharges.
  • SB 40: To let lawmakers set up office accounts with donations from private groups.
  • HB 1061: To increase protections for tenants.
  • SB 61: To reduce the minimum level of services from contractors hired by the Regional Transportation District.
  • HB 1007: To require additional training for notaries public.
  • HB 1162: To mandate a minimum energy efficiency standard for certain appliances.
  • SB 174: To allow local governments to use additional sales tax revenue for preserving open space.
  • SB 25: To change how caps on noneconomic damage limits in lawsuits are computed.
  • SB 69: To require that county employee salary information be published by job title only.
  • HB 1255: To change how schools charge tuition costs for out-of-district special-education students.
  • HB 1042: To require health-care providers to notify rape victims about emergency contraception.