When the Organic Dish changed ownership a few weeks ago, loyal customers hoped not a lot would change: They liked Rebecca and Toby Hemmerling’s line-up of fresh and frozen organic meal kits. They loved the wide array of quick-and-easy-to-assemble entrées, including the red lentil-coconut curry and the Greek pizza (pictured) with Haystack Mountain cheese. And they enjoyed the convenience of delivery service. Good news: Dan and Drew Sorrells aren’t changing much. They’re committed to continuing the popular food lines—and making them even more flavorful and interesting. Dan, better known as the Potbellied Chef, grew up cooking in New Orleans and he’s currently working on adding a new line of entrées that are still clean, simple, and organic, but that also offer bigger, bolder flavors. He’s toying with spicy New Orleans-style Creole entrées, gluten-free gumbo, and mac-and-cheese using southwest, southern, or Caribbean ingredients.

Bonus: Organic Dish’s partnership with Good Food Accounts will also continue. This service creates personalized websites for designated recipients and allows people to donate and deliver meals to local friends and family in need.

2690 28th St., Boulder, 303-736-9930