The separation between exercise fits and work ensembles fell to zero during the pandemic, as yoga pants and sweatshirts defined the home office dress code. We soon discovered that athleisure is not only comfy, but also stylish and versatile—able to leap from boardrooms to spin classes to happy hours. Our bling, though? Not so much. Enter OXB.

Photo courtesy of OXB

Founded in 2019, the Denver-based brand’s wares look like every-day jewelry (think: slim chains, simple pendants, elegant hoops) but are designed for exercise. That’s because its baubles are what the company calls sweat-proof, due to being hypoallergenic and not plated. Plated jewelry, which consists of a base metal coated in a thin layer of gold, typically wears down to a gritty, gray nub after, say, a few steamy HIIT sessions. OXB’s pieces—options include sterling silver, 14-karat solid gold, and gold filled—can last for up to 30 years, says OXB co-founder Laura Treganowan. Even better: Filled jewelry boasts greater gold by volume than plated, so even OXB’s least expensive necklaces (which start around $50) won’t turn your neck a sickly shade of green or incite a nasty rash if worn too long.

That’s important because OXB wants to be more than an accessory in its customers’ lives. Treganowan, a fitness instructor, and co-founder Maggie Kyle, a metalworker, opened a brick-and-mortar location in RiNo in 2021 where customers can buy and customize their favorite OXB pieces, including this past fall’s Essentials collection, a line that includes stackable chains and bangles. But on special occasions, the boutique also transforms into a pop-up fitness studio, welcoming a rotating cast of local instructors. “We saw [in the store] a lot of opportunities for face-to-face, in-person interactions,” Kyle says. “It’s brought the brand to real life.”