It’s official. State Representative Angie Paccione today announced her candidacy for Congress from Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, the seat now held by uber-conservative Marilyn Musgrave.

Paccione decided to run for Congress when she concluded that Musgrave has abandoned the people who sent her to Washington. Particularly alarming is her penchant for siding with big money and special interests, her extremist positions, and her unflinching loyalty to scandal-tainted House Speaker Tom DeLay of Texas.

….”The people of the 4th CD cannot endure another term of Marilyn Musgrave,â€? said Paccione. “She has grown too close to the special interests in Washington, leaving her out of touch with the people here at home, and distracted from the critical issues facing America and this state. She had an opportunity to make a difference in Washington, and she has failed.â€?

In 2004, Musgrave only narrowly won re-election against Democrat Stan Matsunaka and is considered by the GOP to be one of those most vulnerable in 2006.