Blooming Beets Kitchen owner Iva Paleckova is nothing if not passionate about her new restaurant, which is the first specifically Paleo-friendly restaurant in North Boulder. “I’m so excited about our food,” Paleckova says. “[It’s] so clean and natural, that you never have to worry about anything you order. This is where people can relax and be confident that their food is always good for them.”

As a Paleo cookbook author, developer of a Paleo blog, and an avid cook and athlete, Paleckova is no stranger to the Paleo scene. At Blooming Beets Kitchen, her menu strives to be 100 percent gluten-, grain-, dairy-, sugar-, and canola oil-free. Paleckova and head chef Brittany Kerr (a young chef from the Penn Avenue Fish Company in Pittsburgh) substitute maple syrup, honey, or coconut palm sugar for sweeteners; use avocado, coconut, and butter in lieu of other fats; and create entrées with a bounty of local, organic, non-GMO produce and 100 percent grass-fed meats.

Excited about the offerings, I couldn’t wait to see if the flavors lived up to the hype. Blooming Beets opened in May and, as with many fledgling restaurants, there were both hits and misses. With the exception of a perfectly cooked herb-crusted wild salmon, the other entrées’ flavors were muddled and in need of seasoning. Desserts were high notes, though, including a parfait with organic strawberries, layers of whipped topping, creamy tart filling, and a tender graham crust. Also good: the comforting chia pudding with nutty overtones and fresh organic blueberries.

Because this place has so much heart, it is my sincere hope that the cooking can keep pace with the passion. Streamlining the flavor profiles and getting the seasoning right would go along way in showcasing the beautiful ingredients and thoughtful recipes.

3303 30th St., Boulder, 303-443-3479