Denver’s most pampered pets now have a new place to shop for couture clothing and gourmet treats. Poodles, Poms, and Chihuahuas all across town will be head over paws for macymacy, a brand-new pet boutique that just opened this week on 17th avenue between Franklin and Gilpin. We’re talking serious doggie couture here. Owner Macy Matarazzo has dedicated her life to “helping nude dogs everywhere find a wardrobe.” Her own chihuahuas are sharp dressers and have cuter coats than I do. One sports a pink polka dot number with black and white faux fur trim, the other has a nifty zebra print ensemble with sapphire blue trim. The shop opened Thursday night with the appropriate fanfare; VIPs from the Denver Dumb Friends League hosted the event, and guests were served BBQ Squirrel Treats and organic catnip during the Doggie Fashion Show. To make sure the humans in the audience didn’t feel left out, macymacy displayed a cute collection of gifts, jewelry, bags, and body care items in the boutique as well. Does your four-legged friend really need an entire wardrobe of handmade clothing? Maybe not. But if your little Precious needs to feel like the cutest little princess in the doggie universe, macymacy is the place to go to make it happen.