Mile-High Headlines for Monday, October 27 Sign up here to receive Panorama every weekday morning–before it’s published on our website. The Obaminator Returns Over the weekend one thing became clear: Barack Obama’s throng makes John McCain’s crowd look like a corporate barbecue. Obama, who was at Denver’s Civic Center on Sunday morning, drew an estimated 100,000 people, according to The Denver Post. Compare that to McCain, who drew just 4,000 on Friday at Denver’s National Western Arena, despite the help of Broncos legend John Elway (via the Post). And on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins on Sunday afternoon, the Rocky Mountain Collegian captured Obama in plenty of photos and video as he “lauded” the “green university.” Both candidates were prowling for undecided voters, notes The New York Times, and in New Mexico crowds were just as disproportionate in terms of numbers. But McCain shouldn’t give up the fight lest he look weak and discourage his base, according to Metropolitan State College of Denver political science professor Norman Provizer (via 9News). Yet something just isn’t right in old red state Colorado. In Colorado Springs, where Republicans outnumber Dems two to one, there’s a “dramatic shift from historical trends,” as Obama is beating McCain in fundraising there, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Meanwhile, Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin says Obama’s masses highlight “just what” McCain faces, but also, “if you look closely,” you’ll see what Obama is up against. Political Grave for Musgrave? The Dem-friendly Daily Kos website has obtained an internal Republican “death list” that highlights Election Day’s lost and nearly-lost causes. Sorry, Representative Marilyn Musgrave, you are about to be terminated. The Fourth Congressional District is “leaning Democrat,” which is good news for challenger Betsy Markey. About a week ago, the National Republican Congressional Committee withdrew financial support from Musgrave and other races across the nation, likely to shore up races elsewhere. That move angered Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, who scolded Representative Tom Cole, the House GOP campaign committee chief, according to The Associated Press. Republicans are “bracing to lose 20 House seats or more” in the election eight days from now. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone calls Musgrave “Sarah Palin before Sarah Palin, a turbocharged born-again supermom who went into politics because she couldn’t stand all the naughtiness.” The magazine wonders if there’s a “sea change” in the electorate given that a “congressional seat belonging to one of America’s most celebrated gay-bashers in this once-impregnable Republican stronghold” could go blue.

Another Newspaper For Denver We haven’t heard a squeak in months from the rumor mill that predicted the Rocky Mountain News will soon stop printing. But the loss of one of Denver’s major daily newspapers could be just what Randall Lichner is hoping for. In these regrettable times for the newspaper industry, Lichner, who calls Denver a “great market,” is undaunted. He says he’ll start a newspaper dubbed the Denver Independent, according to this Westword blog, and, if he keeps his promise, you’ll be able to read it by the end of the week. You’ll find “all original” news, sports, and entertainment, pieced together by a small homespun staff, according to Lichner, who has been in the publishing biz since 1999. He’s the publisher and editor of, among other pubs, Newport Beach Magazine (their summer swim issue is oddly still online). Now, don’t get the Denver Independent confused with the Colorado Independent, a website that covers local political issues. And Lichner’s paper isn’t affiliated with the Colorado Springs Independent, an alternative newsweekly, or the daily Glenwood Springs Post Independent. Gas Prices Head South One good thing about the shaky economy is that gasoline is no longer hovering in the tearjerking $4-per-gallon range. The average price of self-serve, unleaded gas in the United States is now about $2.78 a gallon, according to CNN, which notes a record-setting 53-cent drop in prices over the last two weeks. CNN cites the Lundberg Survey, which predicts gas prices will keep going down, but probably not much further. Yet some stations in the Denver area are currently selling gas in the $2.30 range, according to GasBuddy. Oil prices have fallen because of lower demand and the economic downturn, especially in the United States. The last time people in parts of Colorado could buy gas for around $2 was nearly a year ago, according to KKTV in Colorado Springs. About two weeks ago, as prices started to fall, The Associated Press asked whether the return of lower prices meant Americans would simply “return to their heedless, gas-guzzling ways.” The answer, according to experts, was “no.” Drivers assume the price of gas will go up again and don’t want to be squeezed anymore. Rapids Can’t Hold On The Colorado Rapids’ season ended unspectacularly on Saturday night. The lads simply could not hold on to a 1-0 lead, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, giving up a goal in the 90th minute to Real Salt Lake’s Yura Movsisyan. Had the Rapids won, they would have gone to the play-offs and dashed Salt Lake’s post-season dreams. It’s almost moot to point out that Rapids striker Conor Casey scored in the 19th minute, his 11th goal of the season. Buffs Shutout: Pull Out the Stat Books The University of Colorado was hit hard by Missouri on Saturday night, writes The Associated Press (via Rocky Mountain News). The Buffs 58-0 loss was its first shutout since a 7-0 loss to Nebraska on November 12, 1988. Missouri’s victory, its first Big 12 shutout since 1986, ended the Buff’s 243-game scoring streak, which was the third longest in the nation. Pollster: Almost two-thirds of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters favor Democrat Mark Udall to Republican Bob Schaffer in the race for U.S. Senate, according to this Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 poll. More bad news for Schaffer: Udall is leading 51 percent to 38 percent, and only five percent of voters polled were undecided. Videodose: Early voting has begun in Colorado, and campaigns for John McCain and Barack Obama are pouring in time and money, according to this video by The New York Times. Cheapest Gallon of Gas ‘Round Here: $2.32, Sinclair, 5160 W. 65th Ave. (via E-mail relevant articles to