Jesse Jackson Apologizes (a Lot) and Moves On

The Reverend Jesse Jackson wrapped up a harrowing week of media frenzy by apologizing–in Denver–for his disparaging comments about Barack Obama. Jackson last week was caught dissing the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, accusing him of “talking down to black people” and saying that he wanted to “cut his nuts off.” Jackson, who wasn’t aware his comments were being recorded, said in Denver that “barbershop, locker-room trash talk is never acceptable in public policy. I felt embarrassed by it, frankly,” the Denver Post reports. It wasn’t the first time Jackson’s remarks about Obama made headlines. Last year, he was quoted in The State, a South Carolina newspaper, as saying Obama is “acting like he’s white,” but later said he was misinterpreted (via USA Today). The Rocky Mountain News notes Jackson’s whirlwind tour of apologies, speechmaking, news announcements and churchgoing over the course of the weekend. It’s been “a week of pain and trauma,” Jackson told a church congregation. Later in the day, Jackson, himself once a candidate for president, told the Denver Post that he sees Obama as the heir of a long civil rights struggle that began with the fight to desegregate schools. “Barack is running the last lap of a 54-year marathon,” Jackson said. “It took all those battles to make this day possible.” Jackson also announced plans to open an Operation Rainbow Push office in Denver that will get involved in everything from presidential politics to the foreclosure crisis.

You’re Running for Congress But Suddenly Find Yourself Stranded on a Desert Island

The Daily Camera’s profiles of three Democratic candidates for Congress have provoked a humor-laden analysis by ColoradoPols today. The Camera asks the candidates seeking to replace Representative Mark Udall in the 2nd Congressional District (Udall is running for Senate): What three things would you bring if stranded on a desert island? The website has also graded the answers. Joan Fitz-Gerald receives a failing grade after stating that she’d bring “a good, thick book, sun block (SPF 45+) and a raft.” “Either she is going to lie on the raft anchored near shore until she starves to death as she has no tools to help her hunt food. Or she will push off from shore on the raft to float aimlessly until she starves to death,” writes a ColoradoPols contributor. “A raft doesn’t spell rescue — the ocean is gigantic and islands are few and far apart. Terrible answer.” Jared Polis gets the only “A.” He edges out Will Shafroth, who receives a “C” for his idea to bring a hefty “survival kit” that includes fire-making materials and an inflatable mattress, a fishing rod, and a set of James Michener books. Polis, meanwhile, says he’ll simply bring a “computer with a universal wireless card so I could blog about my experiences; a solar panel for my computer; and a boat to get back home with.”

Webroot Founder’s Body Discovered

Authorities in Hawaii won’t say what they think happened to Steven Thomas, the founder of Webroot Software Inc. in Boulder. Thomas’ decomposing body was discovered beneath a scenic lookout in Honolulu, according to reports in the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star Bulletin. Missing since June 30, the bipolar entrepreneur had become extremely paranoid and delusional, his wife said last week. Thomas and his wife were expected to move to Boulder, where they own a home. Comments are starting to pop up on the Daily Camera‘s page.

McCain Camp Denies Librarian Booting

John McCain’s campaign denies being behind the policy that resulted in police escorting librarian Carol Kreck away from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Complex during a town hall meeting last week. Kreck, a former Denver Post reporter who held a sign reading “McCain = Bush,” was ticketed for trespassing. Now Tim Kise, McCain’s regional communications director, is defending McCain, saying the presumptive Republican candidate for president has a record of allowing people with opposing views to speak at his events, according to the Denver Post. Kise admits the McCain campaign asked DPAC to “keep people with signs out of the meeting” yet “not off the grounds of the entire complex.” Meanwhile, a DPAC spokeswoman says the McCain campaign asked that people be barred from holding signs throughout the complex.

Forsberg Iced

Hockey hero Peter Forsberg’s career is on ice — at least for now. That’s according to the Rocky Mountain News, which quotes the Swedish newspaper Expressen. Forsberg has a muscle problem in his right foot that will require several months of rehabilitation — and “a chance to salvage” his career. Forsberg, 35, is consulting with doctors in his native Sweden. He’s an unrestricted free agent this month and wants to play for the Colorado Avalanche again, although he doubts he’ll be ready when training camp begins in September.  “If you’re an Avalanche fan still holding out hope Peter Forsberg will play again this coming season, don’t even think about it until at least Christmas,” writes the Denver Post.

CBS4 Reporter Takes Family to Europe, Works

Although Rick Sallinger and his wife and kids were “on vacation” for three weeks, the CBS4 News reporter dutifully sent e-mail dispatches from England, France, and Spain rife with observations about weak Yankee spending power. His blog, “Voyage to the Land of the Sunken Dollar,” which began June 21 with the purchase of $60 worth of Pizza Express for four in London, will receive its last installment sometime today. Sallinger and family flew back on British Airways yesterday, having experienced price shock after price shock. Two large orders of french fries in London cost $8. Wimbeldon T-shirts: $52. Lunch in France — three small pizzas (Rick, what’s with all the pizza?), a salad and a couple cokes — was $100! “A nice dinner at a good restaurant on the outskirts of Paris — $240 for four!”

Tonight: No Foo For You (and None Tomorrow, Either)

In keeping with “doctor’s orders,” the Foo Fighters have canceled their two sold-out Red Rocks shows, which were scheduled for tonight and Tuesday. “As much as it kills us to postpone shows, I’m in no shape to deliver the kind of balls-out performances that you guys deserve,” frontman Dave Grohl explains to fans via the Foo Fighters’ website. Neither the Foo Fighters nor a story in the Rocky Mountain News say what is ailing Grohl. But the former drummer of the 1990s grunge band Nirvana should be well enough to begin touring again on Thursday in Oklahoma City. Tickets for tonight and Tuesday’s shows will be honored respectively at Red Rocks on September 8 and 9.

Audiodose: A New Political Map for Colorado?

KUNC radio in Northern Colorado has a report on the state’s shifting political map. It appears a move to the left is coming, although some don’t agree.

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