Horse thievery used to be a hanging offense. But what if someone steals just their tails? That’s the question in Parker, where ranchers would like a bit of Old West revenge after thieves hacked the tails off their Belgian horses. It’s unclear why the crooks would want the flowing white tails. As the Rocky Mountain News reports, perhaps the motive is financial: Horse hair is used in hat-making, hair extensions, and violin bows. “I can’t imagine why anyone would do something like this, or what they would do with the hair,” Tom Johnson, who co-owns Happy Trails Horse Drawn Rides, told the paper after awaking yesterday morning to find three of his horses missing their tails. So, who would do it? “Lowlifes if you ask me,” Jim Hoff tells 9News, which has a slideshow of the horse-victims. It could be 10 years before the tails grow back.