The news of the Loma Linda homeowners’ association threatening to fine a homeowner for hanging a wreath with a peace sign outside her door has really hit a nerve with the public and the media.

The Homeowner’s Association has backed off and rescinded it’s plan to fine the homeowner.

Monday, the homeowners assocation board withdrew its objection to the wreath and threat of daily fines.

“We want to let you know that this evening we just received a letter from the Loma Linda Home Owners Board of Directors stating: ‘We had a misunderstanding with your Christmas decoration and for that we apologize. We withdraw any and all previous requests for removal of your decoration,’ ” Jensen told The Associated Press.

The Associated Press reports the public reaction was one of support, with hundreds offering to donate to help cover any fines imposed. Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Littwin wrote a column about the threat. The paper itself ran two online polls. One asked whether the wreath should stay or go. The response as of the time I’m writing this: 96% voted it should stay. The other asked what the peace sign symbolized to readers. Most chose the obvious, “peace.”