Farms are uniquely beautiful, as anyone who’s ever pedaled among vineyards will tell you. And ranchlands are equally stunning, which is why Moots (a brand that builds titanium bicycles in Steamboat Springs) is launching its inaugural Moots Colorado Ranch Rally on June 28. With only five of its 50 miles on pavement, the cycling circuit follows dirt and gravel byways into cowboy country.

Few cars make their way onto these rural lanes, let alone bicycles, so the only congestion you’ll notice is cows converging around their watering holes. But cyclocross and road bikes fitted with sturdy tires can easily navigate the route, which winds among flower-studded pastures that are an electric shade of green thanks to abundant snowmelt. Huge swaths of sky meet rounded hills covered with sagebrush and aspens. It’s the definition of bucolic.

Offered in partnership with the Community Agriculture Alliance (a nonprofit that promotes Yampa Valley farming and ranching), the Ranch Rally puts the proceeds from your $75 entry toward CAA programming—meaning your participation helps keep family farms from extinction. Then, you get an up-close view into rural living as you pedal past several Centennial Farms and stop for lunch at a working ranch. You just may swear off energy gels forever.