Whoa there with the red pen, people. That’s no typo above. (Not that I’ve never done such a shameful thing as included one in my on-the-fly blog bits, but that’s another story.)

Penny Parker is getting worked tonight. For charity, of course. She’ll be the guest bartender at Mezcal, and all her tips from her shift – which starts promptly at 6 p.m. – will go to the Denver School of the Arts Theater department. The Rocky Mountain News columnist is usually reporting on charity events and bar scenes from the other side of the bar, so this might be a different perspective. She has done the guest-bartender gig a handful of times in the past, however. Her specialty? Pouring beer and wine. So go easy on her; order up a Pink Lady or a White Cosmo if you must, but don’t be surprised when you get white wine or a Mexican beer instead. Of course the house margs are always a good bet (and apparenlty Penny’s been sworn to secrecy about the recipe) and I always recommend the white sangria, a perfect late-summer quencher. And since Mezcal just opened a new outdoor patio, you can enjoy your drinks and the lovely weather today at the same time.

Just don’t forget to tip your bartender.