You may have noticed that your favorite coffee shops are stocking a new dairy-free alternative: oat milk. Spur Coffee, a stylish, four-year-old coffeehouse in downtown Littleton, is one of many Front Range java joints that have jumped on the oat milk wagon.

Co-owner Tandi Venter says that the since adding Oatly oat milk (made with certified gluten-free oats) to the menu, Spur has converted soy- and almond-milk drinkers alike. The oat beverage is more similar in consistency to regular dairy milk than other non-dairy options, and lets the flavor of the coffee beans—which Spur roasts in-house—shine. There are other benefits, too. Oat milk is allergen-friendly and better for the environment than, say, almond milk, because it’s not as resource-intensive to produce; almonds require six times as much water as oats do.

We suggest you pair your oat milk latte with Venter’s wonderful almond olive oil cake, which happens to be dairy- and gluten-free. The simple, moist cake features a hint of citrusy orange zest and is topped with a sweet glaze and a sprinkle of crunchy slivered almonds. It’s a perfect, not-too-sweet treat.

If Littleton is too far to drive for a coffee-and-cake fix, no worries. Soon, you won’t have to. Spur plans to open its second location on Lincoln and First Street in the Baker neighborhood in May.

5624 S. Prince St., Littleton, 303-997-2209