Wedding season has been at an all-time high for me lately. I have averaged one per month, all summer. Between finding the perfect dress (can’t wear white, nothing too sexy, shouldn’t wear black unless it’s formal, must find something just right…), attending the pre-wedding bachelor/bachelorette shindigs, and seeking the perfect wedding gift for some of my registry-challenged friends, it’s been a lot of work to be a good wedding guest. The one saving grace: 5 Green Boxes, the home store. Recently, while shopping for a cool, quirky, unique-yet-tasteful gift for one my cool, quirky, unique-yet-tasteful friends (who happened to register for maybe a dozen small items, all fulfilled by the time I looked), I came across this store quite by accident. You see, I had hit South Pearl Street in my ‘hood, hoping to pop into Polkadot, a funky little home and gift boutique. But Polkadot was closed on that particular Sunday. Disappointed, I headed off to see what else we could find, and it just so happened that I turned right onto Mexico Street and drove past 5 Green Boxes, the home store, at 1705 S. Pearl Street. The main store — just two blocks further north — has a great variety of clothing and jewelry, and the home store has a killer selection of items for the home. We’re talking fun things like turquoise bubble vases, Japanese enameled jewelry boxes, handmade wool felt arm chairs in colors like raspberry and lime, and glittering waterfalls of strung beads to be used as art or room dividers. I was in heaven. Soon I found a great gift for my friend’s wedding, and the lovely store clerk did a fantasticly funky job of wrapping it for me. Now, of course, I can’t wait to return to buy something for myself. (Perhaps that fab set of hot pink bedside lamps? Or that distressed blue Victorian buffet table? Maybe just those chunky jade-colored candlesticks?) As soon as my house sells, I know where I want to start furnishing the new home.