It was by no accident that we proclaimed our love for our four-legged friends as the No. 11 reason “We Love Denver” in the December issue. Coloradans are crazy for their dogs. Some wish our well-behaved canines could run free of leash, and until now the open spaces in Boulder have offered some liberal opportunities to do so. The green “TAG” program allowed Boulder residents and non-residents alike to complete a program, pay a fee, and promise that their dog responds to voice and sight commands. But, due to transgressions by both dogs and their humans, the enforcement of off-leash privileges could be getting tougher.

According to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera, dogs chasing after wildlife and owners not picking up after their companions are two of the leading reasons for tightening control on which dogs can possess a green tag and increasing fines on owners found violating the rules. The changes have already cleared the Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees and city council is still making its decision.

Do you think a more watchful eye on off-leash dogs and higher penalties are going to improve everyone’s recreational experience or are a few naughty dogs and their owners bringing attention to a non-issue?

Image courtesy of the Shutterstock.