You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

Unfortunately for Presidential candidates, this sage advice doesn’t always hold true. Sometimes you can’t pick your friends, either.

Case in point: A blog called The Colorado Conservative Project points us to “Blogs 4 Brownback,” supporters of Republican Presidential contender Sam Brownback, a Senator from Kansas. Brownback is one of the most conservative candidates running for President, if not the most conservative, and he’s religiously fundamental enough to make James Dobson look like an athiest.

Brownback’s support comes from many folks on the far (far, far, far, far) right, and although he probably enjoys much of that support, I’m sure he would rather do without some of the cracker jacks at “Blogs 4 Brownback.” Take this recent entry, for example, on the NASA space program:

Philosophically, I’ve always had some qualms about the space race. After all, it purports to discount the idea of ether, which makes much more sense to me than a huge vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, so if the Universe consisted of one, why wouldn’t all the planets and stars be pulled apart trying to fill it? Also, NASA is a Kennedy program, so you have to think to yourself, “Money Pit.” There’s nothing Democrats like more than a cash-siphoning boondoggle to their corrupt cronies; even when I was a Democrat, that was one of the triggers that made me vote Republican on occasion.

The third problem I’ve always had with arguments for the space race are that scientists, as a class, seem so smug and dishonest to me. Not to besmirch the reputation of every single scientist, but as a class, they seem like the kind of people who’d tell you that Martians colonized the Earth just because they found some rock with weird marks in it. Snake oil salesmen, to put it in laymens’ terms…

…Maybe there was water on Mars 5,000 years ago. Maybe not. But any attempt to look for water older than 5,000 years is doomed to fail, and if NASA had any grown-up thinkers in the show, they’d know that. Instead, they get all a-twitter over allegedly finding some sand on what they tell us is a barren red rock thousands of miles from here. What articles like this make ME think is that these scientists had a hot weekend in Vegas with YOUR tax dollars. They invented this story to cover up the expenditure of taxpayer dollars, to keep the money train rolling.

If President Brownback wants to keep NASA as a back-door means of funding programs he doesn’t want the moonbats to find out about, I’ll understand. I won’t say peep about it, either. Otherwise, he should shut this boondoggle down and kick these hedonists out on their posteriors. Let them find real jobs, doing real work.

Before you laugh too much, you should know that there were 101 comments posted as of today. Some of those comments are even better, like this one from “Carey Meiers”:

What’s truly astounding is the ridiculous self-contradictory nonsense that NASA tries to foist on a gullible public. They say that space is a vacuum, and that they’ve actually been to outer space, but everybody knows that people explode when they’re placed in a vacuum.

So where are the exploding astronauts? Huh? Where are they?

Jesus does not look kindly upon fibbers, and those NASA people are going to have some explaining to do when the rapture comes.

I’ll sheepishly admit that I am apparently one of the few people on earth who did not know that people explode when they are placed in a vacuum. If I place large objects in my vaccum, then it will explode, but I was not aware of the reverse. Of course, Superman never exploded when he flew into space, so how do you respond to that?

I’m sure Brownback would prefer that these folks have their discussion at a different blog than one titled “Blogs 4 Brownback.” Perhaps they could all reconvene at “Blogs 4 Fruitcakes.”