I went out of town for less than a week, but it feels like ages. I missed the Denver Divas last Tuesday at Sketch in Cherry Creek, I missed a “Chillin'” party last Thursday at the new Slim 7 lounge downtown, I missed the “Stripped and Dipped” bash last Saturday at Tabu (and that sounds like one I would’ve wanted to see firsthand, fo’ sho’), and I missed Sunday’s “Breakfast for Boobs” Mother’s Day brunch for breast cancer research. And that’s just a few of the reminders I had to sit through on my calendar program upon return.

On top of the list of missed events, the weird lost vibe I’ve been feeling wasn’t helped one bit by the insane travel experience I had last week. While traveling with a tour group through Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, we experienced a near plane crash that freaked out the pilot of our 8-seater puddle jumper, and of course scared the bejeezus out of us passengers, and we also endured torrential downpours, fogged-in airports, car crashes, personal dramas (long story) and huge waves that turned the Cape Cope-Vineyard ferry (the backup escape route when the prop planes can’t leave the islands) into rock-and-roll boats of the nausea-inducing variety. This is exactly why May is still the off season on the islands; the weather is totally unpredictable — damp and chilly one day, gorgeous and sunny the next, and downright drenching the following days. Still, I did have a chance to indulge in the amazing fresh seafood at a number of top-notch eateries, and the cedar-shingled beach houses and stately old lighthouses are equally stunning come sun, rain, or fog. In fact, the foggy weather would have made for a romantic setting (particularly at the darling Summer House Inn B&B where we stayed on Nantucket) so if I do any future springtime trips to the Cape and Islands, I’ll bring my better half.

It was quite the adventure, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as the stories I could tell. But I’m glad to be home in Denver, where spring weather is perhaps also unpredictable, but far safer in my opinion. And I’ll soon be back on track with my social calendar; Ocean (formerly Mao) just opened in Cherry Creek, Thursday night I’ll be checking out a great band at the Larimer Lounge, Friday night it’s the annual Sushi, Sake & Sumo charity event, and Saturday I’ll be taking my best four-legged friend to Wags & Wines, a doggie-friendly wine tasting. More on all those later, though. For now, I need to catch my breath and settle back into the regular routine. I know it sounds cheesy, but there really is no place like home.