I was a very bad kitty today. All week, I’ve been battling the All Star Crud, but after a few days of rest (and immunity-boosting acupuncture from Dr. Iselin), I’m back on my feet. Of course, after days of hermiting myself at home, alone, I’ve been positively dying for human interaction. (Hubby’s out of town, so it’s just been me, the furballs, and a bottle of NyQuil. Pathetic.) Last night, I went to the artist’s reception for Leaving Azatlan, which rocked. Cheech Marin is just as funny and cool in person as you might expect. A few people wondered if he would have autographed a joint for them, but no one was brave enough (or dumb enough?) to try. Then I was off to NoRTH, the new Italian eatery in Cherry Creek’s Clayton Lane. Totally delish contemporary Italian food. I had the risotto with roasted corn and seared scallops, and loved it. I had pangs of guilt for not being able to finish the risotto (after wolfing down the scallops, natch). Good stuff. The servers were nervous, but that’s to be expected on a first night. NorTH opens to the public on Monday; I say go — it’s definitely worth trying.

So today, to finally get back around to my original point, I woke up feeling better. The sun was shining. I had an appointment in Highlands (the aforementioned Dr. Iselin is my chiropractor), and ended up spending most the day goofing off in the neighborhood up there. I couldn’t help myself. The two blocks surrounding Highland Square at 32nd and Lowell are pitch-perfect for a day spent avoiding work and window shopping. I was like a little girlie-girl squirrel, hopping around, beady eyes gleaming at sparkly things in windows. Beads! Baubles! Vintage clothes! It’s just a lovely neighborhood district. You can grab coffee at Common Grounds, walk down to Dragonfly for great shoes, jewelry, and clothes, head over to Antiques & Things for shabby-chic home decor, purses, scarves, and art, or wander over to Studio Bead, where the owner, Joy, will happily help you build a custom necklace, bracelet, or earrings. The Perfect Petal has divine fresh flowers, but also carries great cards, vases, and planters. I was in boutique shopping bliss. I popped into Uncommon Scents, where Theresa blends custom perfumes for her customers, and sat a while for a nice chat (a common theme amongst the shopkeepers in this part of town.) I avoided the Chocolatier, but barely. It was close one — I zigged at the last minute and walked, zombie-like, toward the cute sundresses at Frolik. The only downside was choosing how to splurge here and there without breaking my freelance-writer’s bank account. Not an easy task, with so many wonderful baubles around. Guess I’ll just have to pace myself, and keep going back.