There’s a war going on, and closer to home we’ve got a state budget mess to deal with. But I’ll bet topic number one in Denver today is going to be the obscene gesture Bronco quarterback Jake Plummer made yesterday to a fan who was heckling him after an interception.

It will be interesting to see whether there are any long term consequences for Plummer. One theory as to why superstar running back Clinton Portis was traded to Washington last year is that Bronco coach/GM Mike Shanahan couldn’t tolerate Portis’ sideline antics during a victory — you may recall Portis strutting around with a championship-style boxing belt. Plummer’s gesture rightly should be considered much worse, since it was directed at a fan.

Bronco owner Pat Bowlen said recently that Plummer is the Broncos’ quarterback of the future. But if the team decides not to pick up Plummer’s $6 million option during the offseason, remember Plummer’s out of control moment during yesterday’s game.